Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dancing My Heart Out

Some of my coworkers have been taking street dancing classes over the past months, and I gamely joined the group. They would hire an instructor and classes would be held in a small studio in the Wack-Wack area. Though I've only attended a couple of sessions, both were much to my satisfaction. I love the snappy-jazzy hip-hoppy style, and the sexy touches added on give the routine an overall androgyny. (For a sample of the kind of choreo taught to us, you can check this video out. It's a dance session conducted by G-Force, which holds classes at the Shnagri-La Mall.)

It's been months since I've visited the gym, or worked out in general. Since the Summit offices moved to Pioneer end-May, trips to Galleria have been scarce, and my membership status is by definition wasted money. I don't know if I'll ever renew, but I miss hitting the weights.

My inactivity has taken its toll somewhat. Last week I started my home workouts again with the good ol' workout videos. I hardly lasted ten minutes the first try. But I realized later on that the stress has affected my focus, preventing me from going through the workout with 100% effort. So last night, I spent 15 minutes just danicng my heart out, clearing the brain and calming the spirit. The subsequent workout became easier to go through.

Dancing has always been therapeutic for me, but I've never been the type who'd hit the clubs. Most of the time I just do the deed in the privacy of my bedroom. Right now, Sean Kingston's Take You There, Chris Brown's Forever, and Madonna's Dance Tonight are in heavy rotation on the iShuffle. Apart from relieving myself of the stress of the day, it's great cardio.


Anonymous said...


Anong klaseng street dance ba ito ? similar doon sa street dance ng The JETS, sa WESTSIDE STORY ? gusto ko ang choreography doon. I really like to learn how to dance kasi maganda nga raw na exercise ito, lalo na sa mga gurang na hindi na pwedeng mag -gym at jogging, kaso, pareho yatang kaliwa ang paa ko. If you listen doon sa mga originals ni Tito Puente, mapapaindak ka talaga ng Cha-Cha kahit hindi ka marunong. Hanapin mo yung original na OYE COMO VA, ni Tito, ibang klase. Same with Mambo, lalo na doon sa mga Cuban musicians, like Willy Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Joe Loco, Celia Cruz... very infectious ang music nila....


Angelo said...

wooohooo!!! we should take you dancing then?!

Carver said...

Auggie... Nakows...naalala ko rin ang OYE COMO VA! Mapapaindak ka talaga! :)

Baka okey sa 'yo ang ballroom. Hindi hiyang sa akin eh. Sinubukan ko na. Heheh.

Angelo... Ikaw talaga. :) Mishu. Sensya ka na sa absences ko ha? HUGS


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