Those who know me can attest that I've always been a tee-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Sneakers fit nicely into my fashion equation. While I more often won't bat an eyelash at spending on books, the idea of plunking down a load of cash for clothes is still an alien concept to me, particularly when it comes to "designer" labels.

Of course, some would say that it's all about looking good, no matter the brand. But I find it hard to experiment in this searing tropical weather. I am predisposed to sweating, sometimes quite profusely, and little me never took up the habit of carrying a hanky, or even the bimpo. Collared shirts and long sleeves make me uncomfy, and layering is not even an option.

But when I was tasked to emcee the launch of Real Living's newest book, Real Home Ideas 3: 101 Home Essentials, I had to dress the part. So when our style editor Gwyn said one afternoon, "Pilian kita ng damit," I gamely agreed. It felt like one of those makeover projects on the Lifestyle Channel or ETC, my wallet naturally taking the brunt of it all.

Was I happy? Yes, I was. In fact, the selections felt perfect for my built and skin color. Again, they weren't perfect for my bank account, but it's all about perspective, I guess.

The highlight of the upgrade would definitely be the thin bright red belt, something that's beyond my comfort zone. But what can I say? Gwyn, dude, you worked your magic. The picture on the left (click to enlarge) shows the entire Real Living team, with me on the right side.

And then there were the shoes. I didn't buy a new pair. Gwyn lent me his, a strange set that no day would find me buying. Pointy-toed faux alligator, anyone? Who invented these deadly things? I was walking around trying not to hit unsuspecting legs with it lest blood be spilt. But I enjoyed the experience, like I was somebody else. Maybe when I get gobs of money I'll consider being more adventurous with what I wear. But when that time does come, I would need an able stylist.


hi carlo,

fan ako ng real living.

unfortunately ay sa cambodia ako nakatira kaya i only get to get them pag nasa manila ako (once a year). sometimes friends who visit me here get copies for me. the latest copy i have is the jan/feb 08 issue.

is there a way to buy back issues? kasi i'm planning to go to manila in 2 months and i'm wondering if this is possible.


btw, panalo ang outfit, lalo na ang belt!
Carver said…
Mahal, vpe! Mahal!! :-)

mike... Magazine stores like Filbar's usually carry back issues, though they're usually incomplete. Your best bet is to ask someone subscribe to the magazine for you. That way, you're assured that you'll get all issues. :)
Anonymous said…

Para ka palang model ng GQ at ESQUIRE ah ! but seriously, you don't need a stylist. Abangan mo na lang pag mi sale sa DOCKERS, at get yourself a couple of pants and long sleeve shirts, yung hindi na pina-plantsa. And as an accent/accessory, get yourself a genuine leather belt ( brown or black depending on your footwear). At least, it won't cost you an arm & leg. Sa footwear naman, siguro, mocassins by FLORSHEIM, NUNN BUSH, or SEBAGO, would do you wonders...

Carver said…
Auggie... Gawa talaga tayo ng CARVER LOOK? Ano naman ang AUGGIE LOOK? :-)

'Di ba mahal ang Florsheim at Sebago? (Hindi ko pa kilala sa Nunn Bush.) Basts men's shoeses, ang mahal!
Anonymous said…
It's about time you invest in power dressing. Ihanda mo na iyang Christmas bonus mo sa RL, to purchase those threads that will give you that LOOK.

There is no Auggie Look, because my faforma days are over. But I used to dig the AMBOY LOOK. Request Butch Dalisay ( send you his archived long treatise on the amboy look. Butch was also on Amboy Look during his salad days...

About those imported shoes, yes, they are expensive, but consider them as an investment. They also last a lifetime, huwag lang aaraw-arawin.

The CARVER LOOK, is actually, a more contemporary version of the AMBOY LOOK. Wala pang Dockers noong araw eh....
Clayman said…
carlo, you look so good in that ensemble! galing! you look comfy naman, ah! and iyong shoes, my gosh. i never thought. hehe! dapat ni-rampa ka natin that night. hot mo, pre! hehe!
decorator said…

anytime... alam mo yan...

Carver said…
Auggie... "The CARVER LOOK, is actually, a more contemporary version of the AMBOY LOOK. Wala pang Dockers noong araw eh...."

So parang 'business casual' ang dating ng Carver Look? Sige, siguro kakayanin ko 'yun. :) Which leads me to ask: how old are you exactly? You don't sound

angelo... malaking investment 'yan, bro. Siguro once or twice a year. :)

decorator...dude paré tsong... ang galing mo!
Anonymous said…

Just deduce from the clues I have been spewing... but really, I have seen a lot already...

The Carver Look would add more ooommmpphh to your magnetic personality...take my word for it.


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