Friday, June 27, 2008

On Character Design

The saying, "You are what you wear," pretty much sums up my recently-adapted philosophy when I think about character design. The joy of designing characters not only rests in determining who these imaginary personages are, but also how their non-physical attributes reflect on their manner of dress. Coming up with a design can start with asking, "who are you?" When that's settled, the question "what would you wear?" can follow.

This illustration is a rejected commission piece, but I particularly enjoyed evoking the unique personalities of these characters through their costumes. The overall theme is military, and the initial peg was manga. Maybe I can use them for my own personal gain in the future. Hwek hwek hwek.

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Ponpokopon said...

So far, i've only been reading western (american) lesbian comics and noticed that somehow, yung mga bida, they are mostly lean and "cool looking".
I thought of creating characters for my komix that are more "real" (mataba, medyo baduy, cool, etc.) kaya lang mahabang proseso pala ito... I've already done a few way back when though.


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