Friday, May 30, 2008

Singers with "Range"

By now, you may have seen the amazing Charice Pempengco wow American audiences in her recent stint in Las Vegas with no less than David Foster on the piano. As much as I get the goosebumps listening to her, I can't help but pray she doesn't wear out her voice early on in the game. Those young vocal chords can only take so much abuse. (Mariah Carey comes to mind--she doesn't sound as good as when she started.) Moreover, that Charice doesn't end up like one of those krung-krung teen stars who end up in rehab. Let's pray that her mom guides her well.

But if there's one performer who really amazes me with her "range," it's Ai Ai delas Alas. I would watch the following video over and over, and it never fails to give me a hearty laugh. If you haven't seen this, go for it until the end. It's not only Charice who deserves a standing ovation.


Anonymous said...

Well thought about Charice's young vocal chords but I'm sure that her mom, who used to be a singer herself, has thought about it as well and let's hope she will see to it that they are well taken cared of. Likewise, Charice seems to be a quite obedient daughter and she idolizes her mom too so I dont think she will end up a krung-krung.

Mark said...

God miss ko na yung mga ganitong humor. I love Ai Ai! Hahaha!

Carver said...

anonymous... true true, pray na lang tayo na kasinghigpit ni Ligaya Salonga ang nanay ni Charice. :)

mark... she's da bomb! Hope you're doing well. :)


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