Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Five Years of Blogging

I had forgotten that I wrote my first blog post on January 26, 2003. That means I've been blogging for five years. Wow.

Here's how my blog evolved from the beginning. Click the image to enlarge.

Someday, I swear I'm going to learn CSS in earnest. Should make playing with the layout a lot easier.

As a bit of useless info, the first "blog" I ever had was actually in 1998, when I started fiddling with web design. I had my own website and placed "diary" pages on it, more pieces of commentary than events in my life. I called my site, "From My Side Of The Fence." Already back then, I had this "house" allegory going, stemming from my old habit of visiting the home sections of department stores when nobody's looking.

The name "CarVer" came later on. It all started with a little joke among the family members. I'm not sure how the joke came about, but we found ourselves connecting the first syllables of our first and surnames. So there's CerVer (mom), ReVer (big sis), BarVer (big bro), EarVer (buddy bro), and moi. After I released One Night In Purgatory in 2001, I thought adding "house" to CarVer would have a nice ring to it. Hence, Carverhouse.

So I would use the "house" hook as a subtitle through all my blog incarnations, beginning with "Renovations," then "Building...10%," followed by "Heaven Through My Roof," then "The Infinite Garden" as the most recent.

Now, I'm doing the "More Wall Space Adventure." Put a smile on my face when I first thought of it. Smiling is good.


Budjette said...

HWOW !!!

I like what you've done to the place :)

so, what kind of chair is that?

Anonymous said...

I just "renovated" my own blogs recently. I don't remember seeing templates like yours, though. Where'd you get them?

Carver said...

budj.. heheh... I forget.

anonymous... I've been using the basic white template from Blogger and fiddled with it--lots of trial and error. The images are from royalty-free stock photo sites. :)

maria said...

Ganda! Sana ako din matuto gumawa ng ganito. Hmmm... made me think of changing my layout, he he

Reia said...

Beautiful, bro!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


New look ha ? obviously you got tired of the "garden look" and switched to the "interior design mode. "

What can I say ? well, I like the minimalist look, and as Architect-Meister, Mies Van de Roh says: LESS IS MORE.

I like the typeface that you used, and that orange chair as an accent piece. BTW, where can I buy a chair like that ? advice please....


freshmess said...

Great header, Carl! Now I remember how I liked your design sensibilities back then, and still do now. :) Happy anniversary!

Hazel said...

nice design! and congrats to your 5th anniv! my blog is very basic from blogger .. never really paid attention to the wallpapers and stuff

Dennis Villegas said...

Congrats on your 5th blogsary!

Carver said...

Thanks guys! :-)

maria... masaya mag-change ng layout. Every year ko ginagawa. Medyo may effort lang learning how to do it.

Auggie... my co-workers tell me that chair can be found in Dimensione. :-)

hazel... okey lang 'yun. Star naman 'yung strips mo. :-)


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