"So Stupid, It's Compelling"

I've always wondered what a foreign critic might think of the Zaturnnah film, and that prayer has been answered somehow when MetroWeekly editor Sean Bugg delivers a short review of the film. MetroWeekly is a Washington, DC-based LGBT magazine.

He begins by saying, "I'm not sure what gay filmmakers in the Philippines have been smoking lately, and I'm not sure I'd want some." But he gives the Padilla/Padilla starrer the honor of "critic's pick!"

It's like that unconfirmed rumor where European (or was it Japanese) cineastes loved Gagamboy. There's really something in our films that they see that we apparently can't, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.


me! said…
"There's really something in our films that they see that we apparently can't"

I agree... That's why I can't believe that hollywood remaking "SIGAW"..
Anonymous said…

Ganoon talaga, you gotta be afar/detach ,para makita mo ang hindi mo nakikita pag nandiyan ka...aesthetic distance yata ang tawag...

Rachelle said…
Daddy, carry lang yan, I believe in the old adage na "any kind of publicity is good publicity." :)
On the other hand, siguro sa kanila, may cheeseball factor ang tama ng movie sa kanila--silly to them, but they cannot tear their eyes away from it! I predict this will become a cult classic/Amazon bestseller in the US in a few years--like what happened to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" :)
Carver said…
me! ... Hindi ko napanood ang Sigaw eh, pero balita ko may magagandang moments din siya.

Auggie... That's true. Nagiging mas objective ang pagtingin.

rachelle... Naku, matutuwa ang Regal niyan! :-)

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