Monday, September 17, 2007

Zaturnnah: No End In Sight

1. Congratulations to Vincent deJesus and Rustom Padilla for bagging Urian awards in their respective categories! I got a text saying that Rustom mentioned my name on Showbiz Central. That was sweet.

2. I gave out a copy of the first half of Zaturnnah: In Manila for script editing. It may need a bit more tweaking, but I'm pretty satisfied with it overall. I'm still writing the rest of the script in bits and pieces, but the shape is solid so far. There are a few things that have become more clear to me:
  1. Outlining the plot and breaking down the scenes make drafting a whole lot easier.
  2. Planning backstories open up interesting possibilities.
  3. When characters are well-planned, they will almost always tell you, "Can I do this instead?" More often, they're right, possibly making the story richer.
  4. You will be writing whole scenes that seem great at first, but you'll decide that these scenes don't contribute much to the entire plan.
  5. Some great ideas are best executed in the future.
  6. At least for comics stories, entering the writing process as a director can help lots.
3. The Zaturnnah musical (Ze Tour Nah!) may find itself in Cebu this November. Crossing fingers on that one.


Angelo said...

zszsa in manila?! wooohooo! can't wait!!! take care. miss you. hugs!

paolomanalo said...

Go, Carlo!

Carver said...

angelo... mishu, guapo. Hugs! :)

paolo... go lang nang go! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, isa po ako sa mga nananabik sa pagbabalik ni Zaturnnah. Yakang yaka nyo yan! kayo pa! =)


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