Monday, September 24, 2007


Ohhkay... There will be six shows for the Cebu leg of the Zaturnnah Muzikal over three days -- November 16, 17, and 18. No word yet as to the ticket prices, but I do know that it will be staged at one of the movie theaters of SM. A team went there two Sundays ago for an ocular. I'll miss the first two shows because of work, but I will be in Cebu on the 17th and head back to Manila after the following day's matinee.

The Zaturnnah movie, meanwhile, will have its supposed North American premiere in mid-October at Reel Affirmations, an LGBT international film festival in Washington DC. Another Regal Film, Manay Po, will also be screened at the festival. Both films were helmed by Joel Lamangan with screenplays by Dinno Erece. Strangely, the Zaturnnah film is scheduled to be shown at an ungodly time of 11:15pm, at the Lincoln Theater on October 12.


balbona said...

Sa Davao naman sana ang "Zatournnah"...

Carver said...

balbona... nakuuuuu... Marami silang plano. Sana included din ang Davao diyan. :)


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