New York Times and the Deathly Hallows

Though the last Harry Potter book will see the light of day late this weekend, the New York Times already has a review online. Though reviewer Michiko Kakutani doesn't reveal the plot, she did say "the losses mount with unnerving speed: at least a half-dozen characters we have come to know die in these pages, and many others are wounded or tortured."

"Voldemort and his followers have infiltrated Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic, creating havoc and terror in the Wizard and Muggle worlds alike, and the members of various populations — including elves, goblins and centaurs — are choosing sides."

Oh no... can the kids handle it?


hello from Almada Portugal
Have a nice day
this is funny. i was watching Sex and The City last night, and Carrie was stressing about Michiko Kakutani's review of her.

i thought she was fictional (Michiko).

anyways, i read the reviews from yesterday's PDI. they said Rowling kept it within bounds naman of the style, nothing too frightful or heavy (I am paraphrasing. I have lost the paper.).

i love your blog. i've been reading from it time and again.

oh, and i'm sorry i missed your CSB visit.

great work on Zsa Zsa. loved the graphic novel. too bad i missed the recent run. friends raved endlessly about it.
Carver said…
emalmada... hello from Manila, Philippines! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Bastard... Alan Rickman makes Snape more likeable.

blogger... Oh, too bad I never saw much of SITC. Thanks for reading this wee blog, by the way.znr

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