The Moon

It may just be a coincidence.

There would be times during a given month when I'd feel out of sorts--a tad woozy, a bit irritable, not in the mood.

A part of me believes it's part of that whole "male period," a time of hormonal imbalance that theoretically takes place in men a few days each month. I jokingly told a female friend, thus, "At least women have some kind of outlet for it. We keep it all inside!"

But when I do get these moments, I find myself looking up at the night sky on my way home. The sight of a full moon usually greets me. And that side of me that conjures nothing but drama and all its poison magic believes that there's a connection. (Yes, Carl, you're the son of the moon... Notice the widening pores on your face?)

I don't know if there's a full moon tonight, but I've been feeling stressed of late. I know it's all going to pass for the better. One gets used to these things.

And, no offense to dear Luna, whose grand fullness pulls at my blood like tides, but the stars are such pretty sights, reminding me of hope.


Anonymous said…
I once ocnveresed with a good friend and asked her of her feelings and she said

"The Moon is on Fire"

And I asked what she meant

"Life is full of Grief and Gloom"

God bless and take care always!!!

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