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As I type this, the Star Awards for Movies is ongoing at the University Theater. Congratulations to Vince deJesus for winning the best musical score award for the Zaturnnah movie. He made the announcement through text a few minutes ago, and is waiting for the best song award to be announced. As of this writing, the Zaturnnah movie already got "best costume design" which I assume to be the production design category (under Egay Littaua), since the costume category is nowhere in the press releases.

As far as this year's awards derby goes, Vince had alredy won for original song ("Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko"), as well as Dinno Erece for adapted screenplay, in the recently concluded 4th Golden Screen awards. The Golden Screen Awards are organized by ENPRESS, a breakaway group of the Philippine Movie Press Club which hands out the Star Awards for Movies.

Back to the Star Awards, Chokoleit and Pops Fernandez have been nominated for their supporting role performances, as well as Ditoy Aguila for sound engineering.

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The 5th run of the Zaturnnah musical will take place in the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati City, from June 15 to July 1. Word is that there will also be Thursday night shows, for a total run of 18 shows. This will bring the total shows of the Zaturnnah musical to 59. There are a few more shows available for sale, so if anyone wants to give show buying a try, you can get in touch with Tanghalang Pilipino for more details.

There's going to be an interesting casting twist for this run, though I can't say yet what the twist is until Tanghalang Pilipino makes their announcement. But for sure, Vince will alternate as Ada with Tuxqs Rutaquio. He became the impromptu replacement for Tuxqs during the last run's final show (Tuxqs was already having throat problems the night before). Also, there may just be a redesign of the set, since it will be difficult installing a thrust stage in the RCBC theater.


sineasta said…
exciting news yan!!!

magaling, magaling, magaling!
vincedejesus said…

MULTO NG NAKARAAN also won for BEST ORIGINAL SONG in the GAWAD TANGLAW. It's an award-giving body composed of professors, critics and deans from different universities in Metro Manila.

Rustom and Chokoleit also won best actor and supproting actor, respectively, in the GAWAD TANGLAW AWARDS.
vincedejesus said…
at buti naman at balik blog ka na!

na miss kita preng!
Carver said…
jheck... magaleng magaleng magaleng!! LOL

Vince! Congrats uli! Yah, at yung Gawad Tanglaw din! :-) Nakows, when it pouring rains talaga! Hehehe.
Anonymous said…
At last! Malapit na sa office ko. :D
Anonymous said…
Hi Carlo -

I have seen the movie on and I fell in love with it! In fact, I've seen it six times already. Do you know how I can order the soundtrack and the DVD? I live in the U.S.

You are a great illustrator and I'm proud to be Pinoy because of artists like you! Good luck!

Rafa (
Carver said…
jonas... Wow! Watch ka na! :-)

rafa... Oh my, thanks so much! :-)

The DVD is available through:

They do international shipping via UPS, but for added details, please call 1-800-GO-REGAL.

As for the soundtrack of the musical, it's only available here for now. :-( Digijooze is still working on their system for international downloading, and if you want the 2-CD version, well, I'm afraid you need to ask a friend to buy and send you one.
Anonymous said…
Hi Carlo -

Thanks for giving me the info on how to get the DVD! I just ordered one and I can't wait to have a Zsazsa Zaturnnah viewing party in my house! LOL!

As far as the CD goes, is there anyway you can purchase one for me and send it to me? I'll pay you for your services! Please let me know! My email is

Thanks again!
OliverTwist said…
Congratulations to Vince and ... i'm just curious, kelan ang Part 2? Carlo, are you creating a new Zaturnnah book?

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