Friday, February 02, 2007

Horsing Around

I won't deny that I experienced palpitations while viewing Daniel Radcliffe shirtless in Goblet of Fire, but his new artistic turn all but pops my eyeballs out. (click on image to enlarge)

So Radcliffe has grown into a fine young man, with some adolescent hair growth thrown into the package. And he's rarin' to show it all (in Filipino, hubu't-hubad) in the stage production of Peter Shaffer's Equus. He's already 17 years old, legal territory by UK laws, so no child abuse issues here. In the play, he strips the goody persona and goes the wacko route.

Oh, innocence... where hast thou gone?

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Jheck David said...

omg! naloka rin ako sa mga pics na 'yan! :-) s'ympre, like you, it all started with hp4. now, he's hairy potter! :-P

Rachelle said...

Oh my. Pang-sex na si Daniel Radcliffe! I cannot deal! But I do think he needs a bit of bronzing powder, di ba? ;)

vincedejesus said...

Parang pareho lang kami ng katawan!

Does that mean puwede na rin akong magpa-pictorial ng ganito? Like anyone would be interested.

Hi Carver.


Carver said...

jheck... one article said that when Daniel stripped for the first time during rehearsals, everyone went, "Wow." Guess na lang tayo kung bakit. :-)

rach... yah, mas maputi pa siya sa girl. :-)

Hello, Vince!!! Puwedeng-puwede kang magpictorial! Tapos tuloy-tuloy na 'yan--shootings, tapings, host sa byucon, etc. :-)

Jheck David said...

makapagsalita pa kaya ako kung ako mismo ang nakapanood? hahaha! o kung sakali man, baka mapamura ako sabay sabing, "can i have that as souvenir?!" hehehe.

carry na 'yung kulay niya. sabi ko nga sa friend ko, bumabawi naman sa pula ng... lips! hahaha!

mamu vince, pde mo namang gawin. kaya lang remember, may kasamang age factor 'yung kay daniel. hehehe. but just in case, elepante naman tabihan mo para maiba. :-)

Sha said...

Oh my Goodness. You should've seen me when I saw the debut of these photos over the Internet. I've been planning to watch his stage debut way back when I found out that he'd actually be nude in some of the scenes so I could fully attest that I did not want to see his play just because I want to see his willy..... Before I delve any further, I'd have to ask, will you be watching Equus? :D

- Sha (I was the talkative, *am* the ultimately confused lady who approached you about 'achieving your dreams' I do hope you remember me!)


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