Okay...what's better? Friendster, Multiply or MySpace? In this complex world, I need only one networking site account.

I can't even get started on my friggin' website. *sigh*

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I attended a wake last weekend. Our high school biology teacher passed away. It's been 20 years since I graduated from high school. Despite two decades having passed, some of the faculty members appeared only five or ten years older. Is that the effect of being around young people for so long?

Here's the official, albeit somewhat incomplete, website of Marist School in Marikina. I was Batch '87. I started studying there at first grade, in 1977.

Oh, for those who're familiar with the Zaturnnah musical... Tuxqs Rutaquio and Chris Martinez are also from Marist, around three batches lower. Some trivial trifle there...pay little heed.


jonasdiego said…
Go for MySpace. That's where everything is happening right now whether you're just trying to find friends or marketing stuff...or both. :)
Unknown said…
Personally, I think Multiply wins hands down because it ISN'T a blogsite. It has a blog feature but it is so much more than that!

Plus the fact that everything has it's place appeals to the OC in me, hehehe. Very organized!

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