Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Discount Question

Yayoh posted a question on the tagboard about student discounts for the Zaturnnah musical. Since messaging on the tagboard has a limited character count, I'll answer the question in a blogpost.

The reality involves the revenues. While Tanghalang Pilipino would want as many people as possible to see their work, they still need to pay the actors, staff, and utilities expenses, as well as realize some kind of profit. Discounted ticket prices may translate to packed theaters, but the intimate size of the Huseng Batute theater makes it difficult to earn enough. It's that line that separates business and art--Tanghalang Pilipino needs the business to be able to continue pursuing its art.

If there's any consolation, the undiscounted ticket price is still cheaper than the other major musicals being staged here. And the strong word-of-mouth guarantees an experience that's worth every peso. Medyo mahal nga para sa mga estudyante, pero puwede naman ninyo hatakin ang mga magulang. Doon sa run sa PETA theater, maraming mukhang over 40 ang nanood. :-)

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Reia said...

Correction, bro.. over 60!
During one of the shows at the PETA theater, I was beside a sweet old lady who was apparently reading (or following?)the comic book while the play was ongoing. And remember Lolo Lito's and Tita Bituin's barkada who watched? No invitation or promotion there. They were surprised to see each other during the show! :-)


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