I got myself some new eyeglasses yesterday from Sabater Optical at Galleria, weeks after the annual physical exam recommended that it's time for a change. My astigmatism worsened from 150 to 180 over the last four years.

I can't do contacts. I don't have the discipline, nor the grace, to properly maintain them. They say that contact lenses lessen eyebags, but that's not enough of a reason for me to switch. And I actually like wearing eyeglasses--they make me look somewhat intellectual. It would be fun, though, to try those colored, non-graded lenses. I wonder what I look like with grey eyes.


Saw Tanghalng Pilipino's Bakeretta last night. There was a snag in the press releases, though. Everyone thought that Bakeretta was a horror production, "somewhat in the tradition of Japanese horror films like Ring and The Grudge." There were some horror elements, yes, but Bakeretta as a whole is more a drama, about a small theater company rehearsing for a rerun of the modern bake play "Ghost In The Toilet."

The play was very engaging, and I can imagine how exhausting it was for the actors, most of them shifting roles as the highly-animated rehearsal segments commenced. Everyone in the cast was in fact wonderful, led by Ronnie Lazaro as the director, Irma Adlawan-Marasigan as the stage manager, and Mailes Kanapi as the subsitute director. That the predominant language was Cebuano (or was it Bisaya) was an interesting experience. The lengthy play (about 150 minutes) could have, however, benefited from some slicing here and there.

WIth the Christmas season upon us, the Markina River Park is starting to get all dolled up. From the Marikina Bridge, a large Christmas tree floating calmly on the river can be clearly seen, and looks spectacular at night with its lights turned on. Within the next few weeks, the tiangge stalls will set up shop at the banks. I've never been to that area despite it's being just a jeep ride away. I guess I should this year, it's one of the must-do's for any MarikeƱo.


Jac said…
yay! love reading your reviews :)

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