Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rough Cuts

In college, I had a group project wherein we had to produce a short film, and it was a horrendous experience. In the late 80s, video cameras were mostly for the affluent, and non-linear editing was hardly the common practice. Plus, our inexperience--read, stupidity--when it came those bits like writing, sound, direction, editing, etc. were so obvious to the point of utter shame. Do note that the late 80s didn't have the benefit of the internet, so getting quick access to primers and tips was virtually absent. No pun intended.

(Come to think of it, that was the beauty of pre-internet and pre-celphone times... you made the most of what little you had.)

After work yesterday, I met up with Tuxqs to visit Vince de Jesus in his Quezon City home. The agenda was viewing the Zaturnnah film in its entirety sans the special effects, dubbing and musical score.

I won't go into nitpick mode, since this wasn't exactly the final film. Plus, the copy given to Vince was in hi-definition format, which wasn't the kind of format conventional video players easily processed, and resulted in choppy visuals. Vince led us through the show like a commentator, particularly in those areas where special effects would be filled in, and spiced with some production trivia on the side.

The great thing about the experience wasn't so much seeing the book come to life one step further, but more of deciphering the process in filmmaking. Helming films isn't part of my grand plan even though a director had told me that I had the potential for it, but it was nice to take a glimpse of that unedited world. You see the cranes and the greenscreens and hear the whirr behind undubbed audio. You hear voices in the background guiding the performers through the scenes.

Overall, for those who're curious to know, the film is turning out great in the Pinoy kind of way. Sure, it's got the faults common in Pinoy films, but it has other stuff that made me gasp with delight, even utter an "Oh, my God!" As for my wish that the action sequences be taken a step further, well, I found reasons to smile.


Earl said...

wala ba sneak peak?=).

Jac said...

syeeeeeeeet mare excited ns akech! XD

migs the manila gay guy said...

i'm super duper excited! as in! i'm gonna promote this in my blog soon. if you have pr pics or teasers, let me know so i can buzz it around the gay blogs and its patrons!

Carver said...

earl...'ala eh. Sowee. :-(

jac... nakows, maré! Lower muna tayo ng expectations. :-)

Migs...thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the offer! Sadly, I don't have any new pics right now. Hopefully Regal will give me some! :-)

decorator said...

may ganon!?!?


confidence man said...

... imbitahan mo naman kami sa premiere! hahaha. joke :D

mixed feelings ako. excitement, apprehension, at kung anu-ano pa.


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