Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Regal Films submits seven entries to the Executive Committee of the Metro Manila Film Festival for consideration:

1) Mano Po 5
2) Shake, Rattle & Roll 6
3) Kahapon Lamang
4) No Other Love
5) Magic Kamison
6) Zsazsa Zaturnnah
7) White Lady

To quote Nitz Mirallez of the Journal, "Abangan na lang natin kung alin sa pito ang mapipili at kung sino ang mga magrereklamo sa rami ng entries na isinabmit ng Regal."

'Nuff said.


zee said...

Congratulations in advance for the movie!

Carver said...

Thanks Zee! Mwah!!

decorator said...

way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...



Carver said...

zee and decorator...pray na lang tayo na maganda ang kalabasan. :)

anonymous...it's to be expected naman. :-)

Dinno Erece said...

hi carlo

hope our movie makes it
by the way, it's Alfred Vargas as Dodong.
still looking for Queen Femina and her Amazonistas, Aling Britney and the new ones Aruba, Poldo, Kristal and Mang Justin (this is the part where your collective fans will shout WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE!!! hehehe)


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