Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Disney conquers Billboard

Even if I'm not updated much with American pop music, I still visit the Billboard Charts just to check what went up and what went down, though I don't know how most of the songs sound. Beyonce is at the top with Check On It, followed by The Pussycat Dolls with Stickwitu. And so forth and so on...

Then there's this song called Breaking Free that makes the rare and unbelievable leap from #64 to #6--from out of nowhere into the top 10 after two weeks of release.

Scrolling further down revealed another ditty called Get'cha Head In the Game, shooting up from #71 to #23--from out of nowhere into the top 40 also after two short weeks of release.

Then a third song, Start of Something New, debuted in the top 100 at #30.

Three songs making quantum leaps in the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and all are by Zac Efron, with the first and third songs being duets with Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

After a quick Google search, I found out that they're with the original made-for-tv movie High School Musical on the Disney Channel. Some called the show the Grease of the new millennium. The songs are from the soundtrack.

Adding to the remarkable chart feats are two other soundtrack songs which also debuted in the top 100 this week--We're All in This Together at #32 and Stick to the Status Quo at #37.

So that's five songs in the top 40 by cast members of High School Musical, out of the seven singles reportedly released by the Mouse House. And the fantastic surge in the chart performances of these songs is credited to the iPod-armed tweeners who loved the show and know all too well the magic of digital downloads. Market research revealed that music targeted to kids 14 and under is a steadily growing revenue area.

I saw one of Zac Efron's pics. Reminded me of Shawn Cassidy in some weird way. (Yeah, yeah, I know. I used to watch him and Parker Stevenson on The Hardy Boys on channel 7.)

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