Boats and Horses

Graphic Classics is an anthology series I would describe as "high-end Illustrated Classics," with each volume featuring either an author or a genre. Talented folks like Arnold Arre and Gerry Alanguilan have contributed to Graphic Classics in the past, and I was fortunate enough to land an art assignment for its next volume, Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini. At first, I thought I would be given something short and simple since it's my first time to work with the publication and they'd want to test me out. But lo and behold, a script for a 40-page pirate story "Captain Blood" appeared in my inbox (the average Graphic Classics story runs between 10 to 20 pages).

Suffice to say, I've never drawn so many galleons and horses in my life. Apart from the numerous references generously sent by editor Tom Pomplun (including the classic film starring Errol Flynn), I scoured the internet for additional references, particularly the galleons.

What's great about the whole deal is the little things I learned and reinforced about the way I draw. I can do close to anatomically-correct figures from mid- to close-up shots, but they turn cartoony when I go for the far shots. (But I can always say, "That's my style!!") Then there's the issue about rendering water and smoke, and adding shadows in broad daylight scenes. Yup, the learning never ends.

So now I'm more comfy drawing galleons and horses, which is a good prep for any period project I might intend to pursue. Maybe Zaturnnah in the 1700s would be good. (Then again, maybe not.)

Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini will be released in February 2006. (Kasabay ng musical.) The story I drew, "Captain Blood," was adapted by Rod Lott. Also in that volume is "A Plague of Ghosts," illustrated by Gerry Alanguilan.

- - - - - - - - - -

Speaking of the musical, I got word from Tanghalang Pilipino that the open auditions will be on November 29 and December 6. Details to follow.


Dennis Villegas said…
Cool! I'd buy a copy of that when it becomes available. Ewan ko ba Carlo nahuhumaling na ko sa mga komiks mo....I'm also waiting eagerly dun sa musical. Alam ko na magiging succesful yan, at sana maging movie na din soon dahil alam kong maraming kaming mga fans ni Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah ang matutwa diyan.
Carlo, I'm still keeping the Zsa Zsa pin-ups na binigay mo sakin, yung isa nung nasa San Pablo tayo nung 2003, at yung isa naman nung nasa C3Con noong 2004. I will feature these pin-ups in my blog next week, as well as a humble tribute to your wonderful comic book!
Ed said…
Nice pages, Carlo!

You know, Leinil Yu can draw cool and dynamic anatomy, pero sa malalayong shots cartoony na rin. :D Yes, it is style! Ganun din ako minsan. Hehehehe.

Keep it up!
Tobie said…
Whoooooooooooo!!! Galeng Carl!

Ganda niya sobra.
I miss ZsaZsa though.
jonasdiego said…
Galing! Your art just gets better and better!

Malapit na ang auditions? Zombie time! :)
Anonymous said…
Dennis...nakows, matagal ko nang di naririnig ang salitang 'nahuhumaling.' :-) Pero tenks sobra. Nakakagulat talaga kapag naririnig ko ang mga comments na ganyan, at nakaka-humble. Sa sobrang humble, sumasayad na ang mukha ko sa graba. Heheheh Ingat lagi!

Ed... Perfect excuse, di ba? :-) Thanks for the encouragement!

Tobie... HUGS! Soon, bro. Soon. :-)

Diego... Yeah! Zombie time!

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