Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mars, Madonna, and Men

Like many of you, I got that forwarded email weeks ago about the Mars report, that the red planet will come up close and personal late this month, the closest it'll ever get in over a long, long time. The very thought of Mars being as large as the full moon to the naked eye is freaky, so I was sort of relieved when I found out it wasn't true...

Stardome News: "The two planets won’t be quite as close as they were in 2003... for Mars to appear the same size as the full moon, it would have to relocate to a distance only two times further from Earth than the moon itself. An event like that really would throw astronomers into a frenzy."

But I am certainly looking forward to Madonna's new "back to form" dance album Confessions on a Dance Floor, but the fact that Mirwais is in the credits disturbs me. The first single (Hung Up as reported in the Yahoo Launch site) will be unleashed to the world come October, with the album following the month thereafter. I'd like to see Maddie reach the top ten again, if only as redemption from that half-baked creature called American Life.

But dance music hasn't been really that hot on the pop charts in recent years. Nowadays, the Billboard top 20 offers generous servings of rock, R&B, and rap. Dance was an 80s and 90s thing, and Maddie certainly ruled then. I read an article that lamented how she had to name her recent world tour Reinvention, as if to remind her fans what made her the greatest female pop act of her generation.

But clearly, the present belongs to Mariah, very well deserved at that, and Madonna ought to have a new reinvention up her sleeve if she wants to make major waves again. She hasn't touched rock, though. That'd be a good idea, methinks. If rap metal worked for Linkin Park and its ilk, then Maddie can create dance music hinged on rock, or vice-versa.

Another event I'm looking forward to this year is this...



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