Monday, November 15, 2004


I'm typing this up at Gamefrog, the newest internet/gaming cafe this side of Ortigas Center, located at the swanky MetroWalk arcade. It's spacious and airy, and everything's got that new car (and paint) smell.

Upon entering the smoking area, most of the terminals were occupied by hardcore gamers, among them my friend and fellow ROUGHer Tommy Lim. (ROUGH is the gaming group I was a part of in La Salle.) The guy from the front desk showed me how to work the special log-on interface. Before I knew it, I became an official member of the place.

Anyway, I have yet to go around the establishment. The "free-hour" membership card Vin gave me said that Gamefrog had world-class board games. But by the way tonight's going, this place seems to be more like an online gamers' joint.

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