Friday, October 08, 2004


Helping out friends put together a magazine for the LGBT community was, like most group efforts, an enriching endeavor, borne from an understanding that, because the LGBT community is so diverse, no one's opinion was gospel. I gave my two cents worth during the editorial planning stage, and contributed a few illustrations for the first issue.

One may nitpick at the fact that ICON doesn't have a lot of suggestive photography, or the content isn't naughty enough. But to equate being gay to being suggestive and naughty doesn't completely characterize the LGBT community. While there are US magazines such as Freshmen and Unzipped (where skin is the selling point), there are also those like Advocate and Out (which are more news and lifestyle). ICON attempts to be the latter.

The first issue is flawed, granted, and we all know that good intentions don't necessarily make good material, but ICON wants to be the "decent Pinoy LGBT magazine" and the first issue is worth a look. It's the kind of mag you can buy off the rack and read in public, as opposed to hiding it under your mattress with your pornography.

To members of the LGBT community reading this, do give ICON a try, and send feedback. For more information, please write

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