Paesep-esep Lang...

Here I am, blogging at Netopia - Robinson's Galleria. An hour and a half to go before gym time. Have to eat in a while for the energy reserves. My back is still a bit sore from Tuesday's session, but it's okay since I'm working the "push" muscles tonight. At month five of self-punishment, I'm changing the routine to re-shock the sinews.

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I'm sure some of you felt the wee tremor early this morning. That was around three a.m., yes? I woke up just before it happened. I hate earthquakes.

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I miss holding someone's hand while watching a movie. *sigh*

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I haven't seen GMA 7's gay-oriented show Out. The single feedback I've heard about it is that... well... it ain't nice. And "ain't nice" is bad news for a show whose survival is dependent on a demographic known for partying during the show's timeslot.

Talking about it with a couple of friends, the only way for Out to beat its ABS-CBN rival Kontrobersyal in the ratings game is to be equally controversial. Go the McGreevey way -- have a popular and presumed arrow-straight political figure come out of the closet and have him or her host the show for that week.

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Speaking of gayness, here's a hilarious bit from the irreverent World Weekly News...

Men within 30 miles of the blast will instantly turn queer!
By Nick Jefferies

EXTREMIST Muslim scientists are developing a bomb that turns anyone within a 30-mile radius of its blast into a homosexual, say U.S. Intelligence insiders. It's all a part of the Al Qaeda master plan to pull our country apart and kill the patriotism that makes us strong. "They believe that making more Americans gay will start civil war between gays and ultraconservatives," says one highly placed intelligence officer. "They also figure it will lead to a decrease in the U.S. population."

The explosive device is a foot long and shaped like a cigar with a pair of land mines at one end. Planes carrying the weapons will drop them on all major U.S. cities, except, of course, San Francisco, reveals the source.

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Saw some deliciously dumb fun yesterday, courtesy of Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball. If you want to know the official rules of the game from the International Dodgeball Federation, view the Acrobat file.

I'm sure the lot of youz are excited to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a film that will hopefully bring Gwyneth Paltrow's career back on track. But I'd also like to see Kinsey, a biopic of sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey as played by Liam Neeson. Looking at the trailer, it's got Oscar Award written all over it.


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