As a person gets older, he or she becomes increasingly susceptible to restrictive conditions. At a certain age, bone and muscle mass lowers and fat accumulation increases. Those, apart from ailments that affect mental functions. They manifest themselves in different stages of life, prompting us to give ourselves another look and make the most of what we have left.

My grandmother is lucky. She's past 80, and yet her mind still retains much of the sharpness its had in her youth. She's hardly been sick and she doesn't get tired easily. Maybe that's the real benefit of living in the province, where time seems to slow down.

Over the past years, I've been noticing some changes in my immunity system. I had developed a very mild allergy to seafood. It's nothing alarming, just a tad annoying, but it's something I've never had. It's like a latent mutant power sans the special effects.

Lately, I'm beginning to suspect that I'm becoming more lactose-intolerant. I hope it's a false alarm since I love drinking milk. I had to abandon the gang at the videoke club last night because my gut acted up again. Maybe it's a phase that's psychologically-hinged again.


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