Going through Time Magazine’s issue featuring the 100 most influential people in the world today, I was most affected by Oprah Winfrey’s entry. Written by Sidney Poitier, the entry revealed how his Oscar win – the first for a black actor – helped mold Winfrey into the powerhouse she is today. As a child watching the actor’s triumph on television, she said to herself, “If he can do it, I wonder what I can do.”

I don’t know why, but I got teary-eyed reading that.

- - - - -

So Ai Ai delas Alas’ superhero flick Volta will be part of this year’s Manila Filmfest, which takes place in a couple of months or so. I’m excited to see it; I heard that it’s riddled with gay overtones. The Zaturnnah movie is still nowhere in sight unfortunately, though last I heard, it will be helmed by Bridal Shower director Jeffrey Jeturian. See, even I have to hear of these things through the grapevine.

- - - - -

A friend of mine took a leap of faith and joined one of them television “search for a star” contests, and I’m really glad he’s going for the gold. A really talented singer, he’s always mentioned how hesitant he’s been in pursuing his art because of his job and the security it gives. He used to consider musical theater, but I believe it takes more guts to go for TV. In the discussion board we used to frequent, I had told him that if he really wanted it enough, he’ll find a way to pursue it, the same way I did when I threw logic aside to appear in Angels In America or burn the midnight oil to put togather One Night In Purgatory. So kudos to you, bro! Knock ‘em dead and them some!

- - - - -

So there finally is a gay lifestyle mag on the stands, and it’s called Blu. Have to check that one out.


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