Tuesday, March 09, 2004


The beauty in working in a small service agency like Kestrel IMC is that you just can’t tell when things will explode, load-wise. Well, folks, the fuse is a mere breath from the powder, judging from the number of projects in the burner, and already my blood pressure is escalating. The term “summer shebang” is taking on a whole new meaning.

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Speaking of “shebang,” I was recently given a double whammy over a couple of divinatory readings. Friend Jam had this deck of pretty cards lying around untouched for over a year, and her moment of voluntary unemployment has allowed her to study at length their mystical meanings.

My cousin and I have taken to use the cards ourselves. Jam doesn’t mind, though there is that supposed rule that goes against allowing other people to do so. Conflicting vibes or whatever, so the answers would understandably be a bit off. Since we didn’t really know how to go about the spread, we contented ourselves with asking a question while shuffling the deck, choosing one card, and reading its meaning from the reference book.

So far I’ve done this one-question-one-card thing in three or four occasions, spread out over two weeks, and the answers have been consistent and relevant. Last night, I asked one question that was similar in theme to one I had asked during the first session two weeks ago. And I got the same answer or, more to the point, the same card. It’s meaning goes like so: a chance not to be missed; a sign to pay heed to or else it will pass; a fleeting opportunity.

What was the question? Oh, come now… you know the answer to that.

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