Professional Spook

I spent time at the office last Friday till past midnight. It's one of those things ordinary staff go through, to finish up as much as possible over extended hours because of a looming deadline. So there I was, alone at the office, alternating phone calls between two clients and making sensitive corrections on a document. During most the time, the only sounds one could hear were the clicking of the keyboard and my light breathing, then the occasional ringing of the phone. In past situations I would've had the radio on, but I guess I was too engrossed in getting things done to even bother. I was a bit on edge for I had heard the stories about the bumps-in-the-night, and though I had "shut off" that extra sense a while back, I couldn't help but be a tad paranoid. I closed shop at 1:30 in the morning.

In the mid-90s, I was working for a telecom company, with offices situated in relatively old building along Ayala Avenue. Now this building wasn't necessarily popular for its spooks, but I acknowledged that there were indeed some areas of the place that were "heavy." On the office floor where I worked, there was one corner that I could openly describe as "negative."

So I was making some major overtime, see, doing some packaging designs for the company's new product, with my area being a few steps near the "negative zone." Coming back from the photocopying machine, I wound my way between the cublicles till I stopped in my tracks, noting a distinct set of extra footsteps walking toward me. Turning all goose-bumpey, I frisked towards the entrance of the office where another chap was working, and I stayed ther until I was calm enough to head back to my station.

I suppose this is nothing compared to what my sister and her co-workers go through at their office, which used to be a nursery of the clinical kind, and as I've mentioned in a past entry, their restroom used to be a morgue. She's already had one solid sighting in their locker room. She's also been touched on the leg, letting her jump to her feet with a yelp. Her co-worker had also seen a child walking about. But to me the spookiest story has to be seeing someone peeking at you from behind supposedly empty cubicles.



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