Thursday, March 11, 2004

Long Untapped

For those who’ve been reading the blogs of the other gang members, you must’ve read those entries pertaining to our most recent role-playing session held the night after Nikki’s birthday. Dean was our able GameMaster, taking us through another hair-raising adventure which involved lots of crap and the end of the world.

In the past, I gravitated towards playing the meek, weak, high-strung, or emotional characters, and Dean obviously knew which buttons to push, sending me off into a neurotic paranoid whirl. Till recently, the only time I played a strong – not to mention devious and manipulative -- character was under David Hontiveros’ Mage: The Ascension game.

For Dean’s session, I chose stronger characters loaded with generous amounts of chutzpah. Afro-American fly girl Keisha defiantly stood her ground against Satan himself, matching his wagging tongue with her wagging finger, while English femme fatale Vesper held her own against demonic fecal constructs while keeping her perfect platinum blonde hair unfrazzled.

Reading through Tobie’s blog, I was reminded of the old live-action role-playing sessions (LARP), which usually took place on Halloween nights at Tobie’s house. In LARP, the customary table and dice were set aside in favor of a physical setting, akin to interactive theater. The first session was a riot, where I played an aged, rich and snotty dame who got bitten by a vampire, played irritatingly but effectively by now Xavier School teacher Alex Santos. Alex yanked me (quite violently) into the garage, told me what his character was going to do, then squirted fake hemoglobin on my neck.

I stumbled out of the garage into the yard. Before I realized what was happening, the rest of the players were carrying me back into the main playing area and plopped me onto the couch. So there I was, moaning and whining like only an aged, rich and snotty dame can.

It’s only through games like these where I’m able to unleash my long-untapped desire to act again. My last stint onstage was early 2001, where I delivered kilometric Chekov lines and traded barbs with superb actress Jackie Castillejo. We only had one show despite weeks of rehearsals, but it was worth the to-and-fro commute. I tried getting back to theater when I attended a session of Ana Valdez-Lim’s acting classes, discovering to my dismay how rusty I was, but time didn’t permit me to go further.

Now that the hours aren’t as accommodating as before, I’m stuck with looking back at the good old days and wishing that another opportunity will come, whether it be before a paying audience, or along with friends during an impromptu RPG session.

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