Sunday, March 21, 2004

I'm tipsy. Teeeeepsy.

And I only had one and a quarter bottle of beer. Pathetic. To think I could drink four or five in the past. Now, it's freakin' less than two bottles. So I wuz talkin' up a storm, gesticulating like anything, no-holds barred... is that where you're supposed to put the hyphen? No holds-barred? No-holds-barred?

My sister talked about the ghosts at her office. The restroom at her office used to be a morgue... Oh, and she's beginning to see white earth spirits, too...

Outkast is playing. Nice song... heeeey-yaaaahhh...heeeeh-yaaaah... they desreve their Grammy... Should I edit that? "desreve"...naaaahhh...

There's another song playing in my head. Some pop girlie song from the early 90s... about being crazy ... "don't you know we're crazy..." somehitng like that...

Why am I teeepseeee? It's I don't know. Just decided to try a few drinks with the friend. Relationship crisis on her part. Had to be with her stay sane. I almost cried a bit, too. Remembering. But fawk it, it's just a memory. Memories like those are zombies. They'll only eat you up if you let them.

Dawn of the Dead is showing soon. Remake of that old horror thingie in the mall. Ving Rhames is in it. Saw trailer over the net. Nice treatment of the trailer. Wanna watch it. What else do I wanna watch?

I wanna watch ... I don't know what I wanna watch... Saw some person yesterday. Felt bad after. Missed opportunity? No, not really. I wasn't ready the first time. But that's what the card said..."The Moment" Over and over again... "The Moment" An opportunity not to be missed., that's what it meant...over and over again... The Moement... What's opporutnity is that? Missed it already. Maybe it wasn't opportunity.

Have to redo Siglo script. Maybe I'll put in some zombies. Crazy zonbies drinking San Migf light with Sprite. Someone taught me about that. San Mig with Sprite. Tastes better with San Miug Strong Ice. I can't take Strong Ice. Too strong.

Phweh... Must sleep... blogging while teepseee... not good... nice... healthy...

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