Thursday, January 08, 2004

A Comics Library?

I've stopped buying comics. They're way too expensive. If the fates were kinder, I'd gladly spend a couple of thousand pesos every two weeks for trades and graphic novels. But the fates can be practical, too, and I've to worry about my moving-out budget.

I wish someone would consider setting up a comics library, where people could sign up for membership (Php 500 is good enough for a year) and just borrow stuff. Rates will be on a per-day basis (say, Php50).

One hundred fifty members translates to Php75,000 in membership fees. If each member borrows 10-days worth of comics in a month, that generates Php75,000 a month. Every quarter, Php20,000 can be used to purchase new selections or replace mutilated ones.

One of the first major challenges, of course, is coming up with the money to acquire selections. And we're not just talking 100 or 200 titles here. The appeal of any library rests in volume and variety -- superheroes, manga, alternative, European, manhua. The initial outlay can prove very steep, even if we first consider second-hand acquisitions.

Must win Lotto.

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