Monday, November 03, 2003

Worked Out

My butt hurts.

In my recent stay at Linden Suites with members of the gang, I took the opportunity to use the gym for a full body workout. Squats are among my fave exercises, and I did a couple of sets on the squat machine. Add to that some punishment to my pecs and delts and lats, and now I’m feeling that good kind of sore.

I’m done with all of the new art for the Zaturnnah compilation, and next up is the book design for Siglo. With the extra time on my hands, I could go back to working out more regularly and implement my diet plan. I miss getting hurt.

Grave Thoughts

After Linden suites, I taxied home to drop off loose baggage and joined my brother, his wife and son to Loyola – Marikina to visit daddy and gran-paw. We got to the cemetery at around three in the afternoon and stayed till around nine in the evening. The family had skipped setting up the large tent, an activity that was fun during the first few years but eventually tedious thereafter. The weather was thankfully very cooperative; not a drop fell despite dark skies.

For added security, the cemetery administration had implemented the male-female queuing system, mall-style, so it took a while before entering the grounds. The crowd was thick as always, though not as packed as previous years.

Staying at the cemetery for hours on end with not much to do isn’t very enticing to most. To some it’s a waste of time. To others, it’s weird and eerie. But the All Saint’s Day atmosphere has that indescribable quality that encourages observation and immersion. It’s a genuine unmanufactured multi-sensory experience, a cacophony of stimuli, an isolated world. The humdrum of passing vehicles, the scent of paraffin, the feeling of damp grass and cold marble, the thick humidity, the barrage of color – impressions continuously coruscating wherever you turn. On one level, it promotes an individual sense of smallness. On another, it represents ordered chaos. But there’s an overall spiritual resonance about the experience; the more you observe what goes around you, the more you find yourselves looking within.

Continuing Previous Entry

The other weekend, after my emceeing stint for Angelo and the YWCA kids, I met up with some friends for dinner at Gerry’s Grill along Jupiter Street. A special ceremony will be held on the 16th for two of my friends, and the dinner was meant to get some special people together for some catching up and the distribution of invites. Paolo and CJ were there, and I missed out saying hello to Chris, who only managed to exchange words with Paolo before heading off.

It was during the dinner when I asked for advice about magic. Being a staunch believer in karmic retribution, I know enough not to dabble in any kind of ceremonial magic, yet that never dampened my curiosity. There may be some use for it in the future, and I was told that defensive magic is relatively safer.

After the dinner, I contemplated going to Malate. But my legs had turned to lead after the long day, prompting me to take a cab home. Major highlight of the night: peering through Bibliarch’s window and seeing the complete 6-volume Akira collection on one of their shelves. Two down and four to go. Drool city. Worth both arms and legs.

The following day, I had my follow-up interview with Apol Lejano for her book project. We talked about the creative process some more, and I showed her the notes and sketches I did during the planning stages of Zsazsa Zaturnnah. We also talked about her trips to the French countryside and the Filipino’s ability to adapt to most environs. It occurred to me that Phillip is currently in Belgium fixing up the house that he had bought there, and I could only wish that I could visit. Apol told me that the amount I had spent publishing comics is more than enough for a couple-of-weeks romp in Europe. Maybe I’ll find it in me to allot precious funds for traveling, but not in the near future.

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