Monday, October 06, 2003


Hoooo boy. I’m feeling the tightest pinch right now. Breathe, Carlo. Breathe.

I have to finish all the halftone art plates for the Zsazsa Zaturnnah compilation by Friday. Then I have to get my residence certificate for the contract with the publisher. Then there’s the three sideline job installments that need to be sent out within the week.

Saturday next week, all three sideline jobs need to get done, then the full color plates for the compilation have to be finished. Project: One Hundred follows directly after that, along with the invites for my brother’s wedding. Twilight Empires goes after until January, ditto for the script for my next book, which requires a first draft by end-January.

My new computer comes in within the week, which should make light my current burden. Please, God, help me get it all done in one piece.

I haven’t experienced this amount of activity since… well … I can’t remember.

I’ve always said that a headache is better than a heartache and, though I stand by that still, I can’t deny the fact that I’m virtually bursting.

I need a hug.


Last Saturday, I met with a bunch of guys through friends Joms, Marvin and Dennis, three nice blokes whom I haven’t seen in ages. It’s always good to meet new people and expand one’s circles but, since I don’t really function at optimum in a large crowd, it’ll take some time before any of these new peeps’ll be part of my personal social architecture.

I was talking to one of them, named James, who said that he’d read One Night In Purgatory, though I never said that I was the one who made the thing. He made it known to me that there are those who didn’t really like the way that story panned out, and I, listening with amusement, half-hoped that I get more feedback like that. Truth to tell, while I was fairly content with One Night In Purgatory, it still needed more depth and range, and could have been more substantial and engaging.

So I’d like to assume that despite the acclaim garnered by Zsazsa Zaturnnah, there may be souls out there who just didn’t get it, or didn’t like it. The fact that there are still folks who have yet to get Part Two may suggest their dissatisfaction, giving them little reason to complete the story.

Taking objective criticism is part of growth, and one shouldn’t rest on laurels and rely on readily available positive feedback. If offered constructively, negative feedback can build a creator’s awareness of the different views of different people. It’s a great indispensable way for one to get better in one’s craft.

Another One

My former karaoke-bar partner-in-crime Charie emailed me last week, reconnecting us after over a year. When we parted ways, she was preparing to fly to New Zealand to begin building a new life with her man. After I had lost my phone in some taxi, I lost her contact information along with it, and we had been in the dark about each other for too long.

I read her email with excitement, then skipped a breath when she said that she wanted to introduce me to someone.

Here we go again.

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