Monday, October 06, 2003

Kids and Sex

Just thinking out loud.

The impact of the Sexbomb Girls’ Ispageti Song is nothing short of phenomenal. The song’s simple lyrics and subjectively endearing dance moves may be blamed for the emergence of Otcho-Otcho by Bayani Agbayani, et al. and, on a smaller scale, Love Radio’s Kelangan Pa Bang I-Memorize ‘Yan.

The catchy nature of these songs replicate the mind-numbing effects of The Ketchup Song and Macarena, and have a particularly amusing resonance with children. The bewitching moves have become a stable in childrens’ parties, and parents don’t seem to mind that the Ispageti Song has the words “sexbomb, sexbomb, sexbomb” which the tykes love to sing-along with. Such a song would have been labeled scandalous decades ago, moreso if uttered by a kid.

I remember watching the 80s flick Masters of The Universe (starring Dolph Lundgren) and hearing one of the characters say “shit” after an explosion. My then feeble mind knew that the action-adventure film was primarily for children, so I couldn’t help but be disturbed. I issued the same reaction after seeing the trailer of Seiko Films' Burlesk King in a theater packed with parents and kids waiting to watch a family film. And I’ve begun to wonder on a pseudo-scientific level how this amount of parental tolerance will affect children’s impressionable minds.

So are we saying that in the new millennium, it’s okay for children who haven’t reached the age of awareness to say “sex” in the most innocent and casual manner?

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