Sunday, September 07, 2003

What Happened Recently

1. Wednesday and Friday p.m.
Met two more prospective publishers for the compiled Zsazsa Zaturnnah. I should be receiving their formal proposals in the next few days. Finished reading a couple of horror short stories by 19th century writer Nathaniel Hawthorne.

2. Wednesday p.m.
Bumped into Suki, Chari and Abi at the Podium. Learned a few new juicy things. Promised Chari to watch Honk! at the Meralco Theater the coming Saturday. (Chari directed the Trumpets production)

3. Thursday p.m.
Met with Angelo in Makati after ages of not seeing him. Did the long-overdue catch-up and updates. I missed talking to the guy.

4. Friday p.m.
Caught up with the gang and had dinner at Salsa Rossa with Arnold and Cynthia. So refreshing to see them again. Arnold lost weight! An example some people ought to be following.

5. Saturday p.m.
Watched Honk! at the Meralco. Had early dinner at Sushi-ya and coffee at Piadina. Was joined briefly by Walter. Met the gang for post-dinner chat. Charles and Andrew were with them. Andrew did a tarot thingie with my four questions. After Country Waffles, I needed a videoke fix and went solo to Music 21 Timog. Vin and Andrew followed and we capped the concert at 5 a.m.

6. Sunday p.m.
Got out of bed at 3 p.m. Currently at Netopia -- Sta. Lucia. Hoping to catch a movie later, as well as my first meal of the day. Took an online typing test. I'm in the top 89 percentile out of over 300,000 who took the test.


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