Monday, September 01, 2003


When Judiel Nieva found the limelight many moons ago (early 1990s), many had doubted his sexuality, even when, during that time he was leading supplicants enthralled by the Agoo apparitions, he was only in his early teens. After the media blitz behind the miraculous sightings died down, so did Nieva fade from national attention.

He was interviewed yesterday on ABS-CBN’s The Buzz, and he was, well, beautiful. Nicely-done hair, a black number that showed off his flawless shoulders, and a mannered poise that should set an example for all our beauty contest representatives. Turning 27 this late-October, Nieva is currently busy with theatrical presentations and other “showbiz” engagements which he implies to be more of religious orientation. He was even accompanied by a nun whom he referred to as his personal adviser. Nieva still goes to Agoo regulalry.

An effeminate homosexual who represents a highly-treasured modern Catholic miracle. Whodathunk?

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