Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Inday Genius

Last December, Popular Bookstore released a new cookbook entitled Inday Genius. I was fortunate to have been asked to design the cover for this tome, which features mostly Filipino dishes. Unlike most cookbooks, Inday Genius was written using the simplest of language, perfect for household cooks of whatever educational level. And the results are generally sumptuous. My file copy has exhibited signs of abuse, thanks to my sister and her husband.

The first run of the book flew off the shelves and demanded a reprint. Now, authors Obi Mapua, Waco Mapua, Kristin Lim and Albert Roa are cooking up a 'sequel' to the book, to feature more international dishes. I willingly agreed to design the cover of this new genius of a work.

The good thing about helping out with a cookbook is that you get to go to the tests, to savor some of the planned selections that'll make the final recipe list. And that's what happened to me last Friday, where I zipped to the Mapua's humble Quezon City residence to try out the following: corned beef rice with shiitake mushrooms (addicting!), Korean beef (sinful!), steamed lapu-lapu (delightful!), chocolate pecan pie a la mode (intoxicating!) and apple pie (which, sadly, stuck to the pie pan, but was otherwise deelishhh!!) The feast was too good that it threatened my diet, and I had to call on the higher powers to dissuade me from filling my plate.

(The taste tests ran every MWF for a little over a month. You could easily gain a load-worth of pounds if you're not careful.)

The Mapua's are gracious hosts, and I've gotten along pretty well with patriarch Obi, who writes and paints (apart from building and flying giant model planes), and our conversations are always engaging. I'm glad that they invited me to design the cover of the new book, even if gets painful resisting all those mounth-watering preparations.

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