Monday, September 15, 2003


I’m considering spending the next five to seven months on writing. Just writing. Finding what it’s all about and how it’s done. Get my system used to using words.

With new ideas brewing in my skull almost everyday, it’s high time that I try to get an Idea Book going, one of ‘em noteboooks lots of writers use when a concept, scene, or theme occurs to them. All ideas will find a home in the Idea Book until such time when they’re plucked from the pages and moved to the more perpetual abode of an actual story.

Just last night, over coffee with lovely friend Jam, another story idea hit me. Well, not really a new idea since I’ve had it for quite sometime, yet Jam was very helpful in providing fresh areas to explore, since the whole concept is one that Jam has been immersed in for the past four years. So that adds to my list of possible books-to-be, with time and fate deciding which’ll come first. But honestly, the capitalist pig in me is rooting for this new story over Hierbas. Short of saying, it’ll sell.

In any case, there’s the Zsazsa compiled edition to worry about, as well as Twilight Empires, so maybe a writing binge might be the best way to go from now on. Dean has been giving enough encouragement, and I find myself inspired after reading his The Onan Circle.

I do not fancy myself as a fine writer, but I can always give it the ol’ college try.

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