Friday, August 29, 2003

Everything, Even The Kitchen Sink

Those familiar with fantasy role-playing games would be familiar with the bag of holding, that small sack that can hold tons of your stuff in a pocket dimension, much like Mary Poppins impossibly spacious bag.

The Scottevest is a real-world version of the bag of holding, a normal garmet that’s blessed with over 30 pockets, some of which can be combined to create larger ones. With technology miniaturization in fever-pitch mode, this spacious article (over 2,000 square inches of pocket space) can hold your PDA, celphone, CDs, and more. And it’s got “wiring,” too, as Leander Kahnet reports for Wired news:

“All the pockets on the jacket have little holes, some of which are connected to several "conduits" for running wires, like a cell phone earpiece that comes up from a pocket toward the wearer's ear. At the collar, a pair of elastic loops hold the earpiece wire in place, and the ear buds can be put away in a tiny pocket.

Since its debut several years ago, Jordan's wiring system has become very well thought-out. The pocket holes and fabric conduits make it possible to connect the gadgets to each other all over the jacket without exposing any wires. His patent on the system he calles the "personal area network," or PAN, is pending.”

It fetches for a hefty Php 11,000 ($200). Add Php 7,150 ($130) to bring the pocket count to 42.

For more information, visit Scottevest.

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