Monday, June 16, 2003

Odd Villains

After Marco treated us to a sumptuous dinner at Don Henrico's Tomas Morato (thanks Marco!), we settled at Starbucks Ortigas Avenue for another round of off-the-wall discussions. The topic in focus was about being a supervillain, kicked off with the question, "What would make you want to become a supervillain?" Me, in my melodramatic mode, answered, "When I realize I don't have a purpose."

But our choice superpowers proved a more interesting avenue for discussion. Abilities ranged from stopping time to invisibility to mental domination. I, on the other hand, opted for the power to induce incapacitating horniness onto victims. Dean suggested that I instead opt for inducing orgasms 1000 times better than the best a victim ever had, masturbations included. This power is, of course, useless against those who have never experienced an orgasm. In addition to my power, I'd be lugging with me a hammer, to conk out my victims into unconsciousness after their liquid-laced tour of seventh heaven so I'd be able to carry out my villainous plans in peace.

After simulating various scenarios, it was concluded that while I would be able to defeat the X-Men (get the telepaths and Wolvie out of the way first), I would never survive a nuclear explosion.

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