Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Between Owls and Larks

There's a feature in the BBC website about genetics, particularly the genetics behind our sleep patterns. It also has a nice quiz to tell you what kind of an Owl or Lark you are. Here's my result:

You are a Moderate Owl

Like Extreme Owls, Moderate Owls love staying up late and sleeping late into the morning. Their body clocks tend to be more flexible than a Lark's, making it easier for them to adapt when their sleep pattern is disrupted. Like most people, Moderate Owls body clocks are set within the standard range - they're likely to be most alert in the morning and early evening and have a period of low alertness in the afternoon.

Tips for owls:
Sleep with blinds or curtains open. Let daylight wake you naturally. Its much nicer than an alarm clock, but set the alarm anyway!
Walk outside as soon as possible after waking up. Exposure to daylight in the morning can make you more alert earlier in the day.
Get up at the same time every day including weekends and holidays. This will anchor your biological clock at the desired time.
Prepare the breakfast table the evening before. A morning routine helps owls function smoothly without having to think about what they're doing.

I should do the second tip. Might work wonders.

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