Monday, May 05, 2003

What's My IQ?

It's been a while since I took an IQ test, so when I chanced upon one at eMode, I took it for a spin. About a decade ago, I took a MENSA IQ test to check if I was eligible for membership in that organization. I passed with an IQ score of, well, above 140.

In this recent test, eMode revealed that I had an IQ of 126. The discrepancy is understandable. The MENSA test I took had questions that didn't require proficiency in a particular language, which the moderator said was a more universal basis for IQ. A lot of the items focused on the visual-spatial aspect of intelligence, while the eMode test was pretty mixed.

But the glory attached to having a high IQ is pretty much passé. Give me an EQ test and I'll miserably fail. *sigh*

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