Thanks to fab pal Suki, I had a meeting last Saturday with high-profile photographer Raymund Isaac for a quickie project: storyboarding a music video. Now I haven’t done a lot of storyboards – less than five, most prolly – and never one for a music video, so I saw this as another opportunity to explore something new. Related, but new. A storyboard is, after all, sequential art.

The major difference here being, one has to compose each panel in a manner that could be easily translated for a motion-driven visual medium. Not all comics ‘movement’ can be directly replicated on film despite any kind of technological advancement (Text-heavy Claremont-era X-Men, for instance.) and thus, unless the video is blessed with a plump budget, the palette of techniques is severely limited, ‘indie’ sensibilities notwithstanding.

Anyway, I didn’t get any sleep last night finishing the storyboard, accounting for my lack of coordination and balance today. (And being completely taken over by sleepiness in the middle of the afternoon with no choice but to nap at the office sofa.) Smoked two whole packs since I started at 2:30 pm and capped at 7:00 am, and fought the beckoning of the bed with iron will. I must’ve downed at least five cups of coffee during the entire time, so I’m palpitating and semi-alert, and a tad cranky despite my smile. But hey, it’s still added income.

I won’t mention who the involved musical artist is until the video is released, but her song’s pretty much standard Pinoy pop ballad fare. Formulaic and catchy in that respect. Unnamed musical artist is one of ‘em belter women, empowered with a voice capable of breaching the membrane of heaven. She doesn’t belt much in this ditty, though, a song that asks oftentimes after break-ups: “Who are you with now? Are you happy?”

Sadly, listening to the song over and over makes me jump-skip to the past. Must punch myself.


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