Sunday, May 11, 2003


My mom's conservative and traditional in ways, yet open-minded and free-thinking in others. I may be her son, but she treats me more like a friend, and I feel lucky in that regard as I know that not a lot of people have this kind of relationship with any of their parents.

I took my mom out to lunch today, one of the two days in the year when I have a date with her (the other one being her birthday). We taxied to Cravings-Katipunan and had one of 'em special mothers' day promo lunches, the ones that come with a special 'hand massage.' My mom declined the twice-offered promo to have her hands kneaded and cracked. My mom has such soft hands, and I take after her.

The meal wasn't rave-material, and the soup was a bit watered-down, but the ube cheesecake desert was scrumptuous, and I'm not even a big yam fan. Took home four slices for the family. Perfect with coffee and smokes.

When mom and I would dine out, we'd have a wonderful animated discussion about family, friends, love and most everything else. This day was different, however. There wasn't much beyond the usual how-are-you's and what-goes-on's, and we both found comfort in the extended silences. I told my mom that it's good to have nothing to talk about, because it meant that we, and the family in general, were relatively okay. There wasn't any issue to dissect, or problem to solve, or challenge to hurdle. Work was fine. Home was well. Any minor complications were considered too trivial to dwell on. I'm just praying that this isn't the calm before the storm.

Happy Mother's Day, mommeeeee! Love you!

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