What will they think of next? They've done this kind of thing one too many times with marketing gimmicks like the classic Dial H for Hero series and the Mutant Registration Act promo. Now they're bringing it to TV.

Will it work? I mean, there's no sex, no potential squabbles, no 'big prize' up for grabs. We'll just have to see.

Reality TV Takes on Superheroes
By Joal Ryan

Reality TV is nothing if not the people's medium. You can aspire to be anything: a singing star, the wife of a rich guy, a codpiece-wearer.

Yes, the genre that gave us American Idol and The Bachelor will no longer exclude those whose dearest desire is to save the world from baddies (while wearing tights and a codpiece, natch). Enter: Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Not a misprint, the WB has given the go-ahead for a six-episode run of a reality series aimed at introducing a new super man (or woman) to the people of Gotham and beyond.

To clarify, the show's talent scouts won't be looking for people who can bounce bullets off their chests, rather, for people who can dream up characters who bounce bullets off their chests.

The brainchild of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and Meet My Folks producer Bruce Nash, Superhero seeks to find material for a potential new comic-book series.

The series is penciled in for next season.

"The tone of the show is going to be fun," Nash promised in the Hollywood Reporter. "It's wish fulfillment, a blend of fantasy and reality."

Befitting a show whose prime demographic would seem to reside in geekdom, Nash said Superhero will not focus on "sexual tension" like other reality series.

Instead, the show will focus on people willing to pitch their ideas before a panel of celebrity judges and, later, become one with their characters by donning costumes and competing in acts of would-be daring do--all part of the so-called "superhero makeover."

Plans are for the celeb judges to be culled from the ranks of actors who have played superheroes in TV and film. (That ringing sound you hear is Adam West calling his agent.)


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