Monday, April 21, 2003

Another Update

1) Finish reading Jeff Noon’s funky Automated Alice. Havent gone too far with this one. My cousin's ex recently dropped by with loads of comics -- Fables TPB, Furies TPB, Violent Cases, Automatic Kafka, Goddess, Cages, etc. Vinnie also lent me the Planetary TPB. Hoooboy, loads to read.
2) Finish that second Hinirang short story. No luck with that yet. Grrrrrrr
3) Finally learn Dreamweaver and Flash. No luck with that, too. Double Grrrrr
4) Put together a website. Triple Grrrrrr
5) Watch more movies. What's a movie?
6) Big-time publisher for Zsazsa Zaturnnah. Sometime around June.
7) Get lotsa sleep. Check
8) Work out again. Check. Did a lot of that during the Holy Week Break. Feels soooooo good.

On the comics front, here's what's on my plate for the next couple of years:

1) Prepping portfolio submission to Marvel, DC, et al. Or try Glass House again. This has to be done by the end of May.
2) The Marco Mini-Project. This has to be done by the end of May.
3) Next solo project. I won't say what it is given my fickle-minded nature when it comes to these things. Have to get most of it done by end-July.
4) The Vinnie Project. This will last me till February 2004.
5) Collaboration with David Hontiveros. Thinking of finishing this one by end-June 2004.
6) Zsazsa Zaturnnah's New Adventure. Still tentative. But if this near 200+ page epic is a go, it may see release by March 2005.


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