Thursday, March 13, 2003


Now I've been holding back my Darna comments for a while. Only fit and proper that I give my opinions about it.

When I first read the issue, I said to myself. "I don't like it."

After thinking about the contents of Darna #1 for a while, I still don't like it. But more importantly, I can say that it's not 'meant for me.'

As a comic book reader, I've reached that age wherein New X-Men and Ultimates are more to my liking, more offbeat takes on superheroics where the protagonists have their share of flaws. Where the stories have that indescribable 'it.' Given my very limited budget, I can only afford to spend on comics that interest me, story-wise and art-wise. If I had oodles of dough, I'd buy every single new Pinoy comic book on Comic Quest's shelves. But I can't.

Darna#1 has its merits, but those merits don't cater to me. I believe that there is an audience out there that will embrace the entirety of this comic, the same way that there are audiences of Bone or Culture Crash or Pinoy Klasiks. Of course, I could be accused of being 'safe' here. But I did say that I didn't like it, right?

I've said this quite a number of times. Every Pinoy creator who churns out a book, large or small, big-budgeted or otherwise, are part of a comics revolution in this country. Every effort is acknowledged, whether expressed or not. In the Ateneo talk that I attended, I told the high school kids that we're here to pave the way for them. Let's keep at it, guys, and find our respective audience, the same way that I'm slowly finding mine. More power to us all!

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