Do you have $75,000++?

If book publishing is your game and you have extra dollars in your bank account, why not start a book printing business--with a machine that can produce a bound copy of a book in less than ten minutes?!

The Espresso Book Machine prints and binds "library-quality" books, is just slightly larger than those hefty photocopiers we see in major bookstores, and requires only one person to operate. This takes the concept of print-on-demand to a whole new level--imagine having a bookstore housing potentially thousands of titles, all within a teeny three square-meter space.

See the Espresso Book Machine in action through this video.

Produced by New York-based On Demand Books LLC, the unit will cost you at least $75,000. Unfortunately, the machine is currently only available for sale in the US, Australia and the United Kingdom.


rudeboy said…
That's fantastic.

Now we can publish and be damned in even less time.
John Paolo said…
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Carver said…
rudeboy... Hahahahah! Loved that. :-)

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