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Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the Zaturnnah musical in Cebu won't push thorugh next week. Tanghalang Pilipino informed me that the show will instead take the stage in the first or second quarter of 2008.

But I will still go to Cebu later this month for a book signing, at least to help drum up interest for the show. Instead of the 18th, the signing will take place on the 25th, 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the same venue--National Bookstore, SM Cebu.

Who's gonna be with me? No one. Bahala na. Hwek hwek hwek.


Clayman said…
Ako, volunteer to go with you. Pero will you pay for the trip? hehehe!
Anonymous said…
hi poh... bakit naman ma po.postpone? sayang naman! wait na lang po ako for next year... don't worry po, for sure pupunta ako sa sm on november 25th... heheh...

charlie of cebu
Carver said…
angelo... naku, solo flight po ako dito. Para matuto naman ako. :-) Thanks for the offer, though.

Charlie... Ay, messenger lang po ako. :-) Sana nga, may pumunta sa 25th. Kung wala, e di magdakdakan na lang tayo. :-)

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