Saturday, June 02, 2007

Photo Shoot

If you're headed north along EDSA, you might notice her when you hit the Megamall area. As you approach Galleria, you should be able to see the full billboard.

"Text Z3 to 2910."

Planning the image for the billboard took some time. I wasn't sure how to present her. All I knew early on was that she had to be on the left side, and her image should be as distinct as possible even from far away. This meant that a full body shot was out of the question.

Then I thought about what kind of pose she'd have. At first, I tinkered with sketches of her holding a generic mobile phone, but it didn't feel right. It would be nice if she was endorsing some kind of mobile service from a top telco, but in this case she just had to stand on her own.

I sketched her smiling, looking coy, exuding large doses of (homo)sexuality--nothing. The image you see above somehow encapsulates how I personally see her--gorgeous, sexy, mysterious--and that's what you're gonna get when you pass by. In other words, project lang nang project, pero huwag lantaran.

So I fussed over her hair, curling the locks and letting them fall in just the right places. I gave her as little make-up as possible--a bit of eyeshadow, a thin layer of shimmery foundation, that right shade of lipstick. She is, after all, modeling for a billboard. Kaya, gandang pang-billboard.

All-out thanks goes to the fine folks of Entertainment Gateway, as well as to Thumb Interactive. Thank you sooo much for the opportunity.


Mopz said...

Wow naman! Si Zaturnnah pang billboard na ang ganda! Haha.

Congrats Sir Carver. Aantabayanan ko tong billboard kapag nagawi ako sa Trinoma haha.

Carver said...

Thanks mopz! Kulang na lang mag-endorse siya ng lingerie... :-) O 'di kaya'y magbubuhat siya ng barbell, kakain ng bubog, iinom ng asido, at kung anu-ano pa! :-)

azrael said...

saw it last night!!!!

gigantic !!

the philosphical bastard said...

exactly how you described her - gorgeous, sexy, mysterious. reminded me of jean grey too.

Anonymous said...

My gahd, parang hindi phinotoshop!:)

R.A. Laborera said...

Bongga! iba na talaga ang katarayan ni Zaturrnah! next sana si Dodong endorser na ng Hanes or Hanford!

nida said...

asus naman ako sa timing!... for the past year, everyday akong mrt to quezon city. at kung kelan may ganyan na si aling zsazing, tsaka naman ako naglipat ng cavite!?!! talaga naman...

clarice said...


please watch zsazsa zaturnnah ze muzikal!!

tickets available at Php 800, 700 and 500

show dates: June 16 - 3:00PM June 24 - 8:00PM July 1 - 3:00PM

venue: RCBC Theater, Ayala Makati

for tickets: please text 09155060093 / 09228828022


nia said...

btw, did you change your number? snet you a couple of sms, pero la ka reply :(

Ner P said...

nabigla nga ako ng makita ko ito,


Laarni said...

I haven't seen it because I'm coming from south. :(

I'd buy if she's going to have lingerie endorsement. hehehe.

Take care, sweetness!

Angelo said...

ey carlo pogi!!! miss you much!

kitakits soon. hugs.

Carver said...

azrael... gusto ko ngang magpakita ng kaunti pang boobs, kaya lang baka maging traffic hazard. :)

philosophical bastard... you're right! Para ngang Jean Grey!

anonymous... Hahahaha!! Punung-puno ng Photoshop kaya hindi halata!

r.a... Hmmm... magandang ideya 'yon. Dapat sa Mandaluyong 'yung billboard ni Dodong!

nida... kukuha ako ng picture. :)

clarice... pupunta ako sa june 16!

ner p... uy, salamat. Nabubulabog ako sa mga pangyayari... in a good way. :)

laarni... ay, zsazsa and dodong for Bench! :-)

angelo...see you friday! :)

alLy said...

the reason why i found out about the current run is that gigantic billboard right there!^^

i was under a spell while caught up in traffic! she looked sooooo refreshingly amazing!!!^^

i'll be watching on saturday!
and i can't wait for it!^^


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