Monday, November 15, 2004

Blind Item

There's this bit of news that's slowly going around lately. You may have heard of it by now...

A has-been actress who's married to a rich businessman used to be a member of the fitness center in the RCBC building along Gil Puyat avenue. She'd go there to work out almost everyday, arriving at the building at a low-traffic hour so she could claim an elevator for herself and her bodyguards. She apparently hates it when other people are wih her.

Anyway, it was one of those low-traffic days when she steps into an elevator, content that she'll have it for her own. Just before the doors close, an elderly woman joins her. Miffed, actress blurts out, "Guard, please tell this old woman to get out of my elevator."

Elderly woman says in response. "Guard, please tell this woman to get out of my building."

Si Yuchengco pala.

Has-been actress was consequently banned from entering the building.


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